Rally Postponed

The Trans Eurasian Rally has been postponed and we will  be running the event in summer 2015. If you are interested in this event, please contact applications@transeurasianrally.com The 2015 event will be open to applicants of any age (as opposed to the previous under 30 age limit)  and we will be organising it in greater detail in the near

Oxford to Istanbul 2013 – The Inspiration

This is the journey that started it all: driving a 1962 Morris Minor from Oxford to Istanbul and back. Having completed this adventure, we wanted something more challenging for our next trip, which is why we've created the Trans Eurasian Rally. In this video we drive from Montenegro, across Albania, spend 10 minutes in Macedonia, back into Albania, through Greece and into Turkey to reach Istanbul. This is just one of several videos documenting the